Ass To Mouth – Does It Get Any Better?

The very first time I witnessed ass to mouth, like most people, was on my personal computer. Unable to sleep, I started surfing for my daily dose of smut. No real destination in mind, just an honest desire to see some good porn tube. I was in the mood, so why fight it? So I settled in, drink in one hand and mouse in the other. What would the Internet have to offer me tonight?

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Anal sex had been on my mind quite a bit over that past few weeks. It was like trending porn in the back of my horny brain. I’m not sure what got me on the anal kick. I guess it was the idea of a sexy woman with big tits on all fours, willingly opening her big asshole to me. Just the thought of anal had my blood flowing. Let the surfing begin.

After a few short movies that weren’t having the effect I’d hoped for, I came across a fresh video clip of an older, well hung gentleman who obviously had the urge to fuck his young housekeeper. I had entered anal and rough sex as my keywords, so I was hopeful that this little brunette was going to give her employer exactly what he wanted. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed, because this black girl had a body that just wouldn’t quit.

After a little gentle fingering and foreplay, the lucky gentlemen forcefully bent our dizzy little maid over a small breakfast table in the kitchen. He didn’t even bother undressing her. Eager to get inside her, he just pushed the short black skirt up around her waist and left her little panties tangled in one of her spike heels on the floor. She was ready for the taking, her perfectly shaped ass wriggling with anticipation. I had found my new favorite video, and was quietly cheering them on.

When our leading man pulled his cock from behind a pair of tight shorts, I was very impressed. That was average length, but thick and meaty, and he was ready to use it. His young partner was now in a very submissive pose, head buried in the table and ass pushed high in the air. She was like a sweet little target and the bulls-eye was her asshole.

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With one large hand firmly pressed into the small of her back, he started to push a single finger inside her. Her little yelp gave me the idea that she wasn’t expecting ass to mouth action, and this had me so turned on I could barely stand it. She was perfectly cute, and I was betting she was an anal virgin. Now I only wished it was my cock that was getting ready for target practice.

The young lady’s boss continued to bury his fingers inside her, and then began to move in closer, and with a definite purpose. She looked like a little toy, and her maid uniform, heels and white thigh-high stockings were just icing on the cake. He had her right where he wanted.

There was no hesitation and no foreplay when our friend decided to enter her virgin ass. There was nothing gentle about it. She squirmed and squealed, and it might have hurt, but the vacuous look in her eyes told me that she loved every inch. While I watched his thick cock gradually disappear inside her, I could only imagine how wonderful it must have felt, and I couldn’t wait to see him cum all over her backside.

Watching him fuck her was amazing. Never once did he pull out or change her position. Like a man on a mission, he just pushed into her again and again. This guy had to be close to losing it, because I certainly was. Then it happened. He slowly pulled himself out of her, inch by inch, and held her smooth cheeks apart to look at his handy work. That was a beautiful piece of camera work. Her fresh little asshole was wide open, almost like it was too tired to close itself. It looked almost like dessert, and I wanted to eat every last bite.

At that point, I expected our star to cum all over her. It would have been the perfect closing shot. A creamy, warm deposit running down her inner-thighs and pooling around her open asshole. This wasn’t how it was going to end. Cock in hand, he made his way around the table and positioned himself in front of her innocent, flushed face. I have never been so hard. He was going to make her taste her own ass.

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Our little maid still had her face buried in the table, so the boss man took a fist full of her long dark hair and lifted her head so she had no other option but to look right at his swollen cock. With one hand tightly holding her hair, he guided himself into her open mouth. It was so perfect, and I wanted to be that guy.

When he came, it was amazing. He didn’t pull out, he just filled her mouth and let the salty cum ooze out from the corners of her lips. And while the cum slowly ran down over her chin, he casually pulled out and gently slapped her cheeks with the head of his cock.

Just the idea of this hot little number tasting her own asshole has been enough to drive me wild. I watched that thick cock, slick with her juices, slide in and out of her mouth. This was the same mouth that she used to say hello to her next door neighbor. It was the same mouth that she used to sip on a glass of wine. This was a mouth filled with cock that was soaked with the warm taste of her ass. I wonder if my neighbors wife would like that. I love ass to mouth.

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