Finding Manhood In Lesbian HD Sex

Lesbian hd sex

Never being a true ladies’ man when it came to romance, it seemed as if all of the wild and untamed hardcore pleasure was for other guys, but not for me. I’d lost my virginity during my first year of college and had plenty of other one night stands, and even a few longer term relationships, but none of them really sparked an eyes-rolling in the back of my head type of orgasm. They were good, even a bad one is great, and I would be sexually satisfied in the ways that count. But, deep inside, I knew there had to be more, I just didn’t know exactly where to find it.

Boarding a plane for a six hour flight left me thinking a lot about parts of life I felt I was missing. Now considered middle aged, my bucket list hadn’t even had a dent put in it yet. One of the things missing for me was wild abandonment of a sexual nature. The female flight attendant was a stunning brunette, with shapely legs that her nylons clung to so tightly. She had breasts that seemingly ached to spill free from the front of her blouse. I watched her walk up and down the aisle of the airplane, smiling and being courteous to the passengers and wondered what type of bedroom excitement turned her on the most. Could she maybe show me something I hadn’t experienced before? But there would be too much effort involved to try and win her over for a quickie, it was easier to lose myself in daydreams as I watched the clouds from my window seat.

It had been nearly five years since I’d seen my best friend, we grew up together. We’d shared broken hearts and beers more times than I can count, and it was going to be a good vacation. I had two weeks to spend in a land far away from where I lived, and even though he had to work for a few days during my time there, we’d still be able to hit the nightlife and maybe reenact some of those wild days of our youth.

The first twenty-four hours after touching down were like a whirlwind. We caught up on recent events and took a few steps down memory lane as well. I heard the door close the following morning and knew he was heading into the office for some paperwork catch-up, and that meant I had his loft apartment to myself. The first thing on the agenda of course would be a mug of piping hot coffee, just to get my eyes open and rid myself of the slight hangover the night before had left behind.

Walking through his apartment I glanced at framed pictures placed here and there; him with so many different hot babes, all showing a glow on his face that was proof he’d found what made him happy and horny. Sitting down next to the largest window, where his laptop sat with a vacant look to the screen, I logged in to check my emails and do a bit of browsing before showering and getting ready to do some outdoor exploring. TF

As I slid my index finger over the touchpad and his computer came to life, he’d not logged off from the last site he’d visited, and I was a bit shocked to find it was a porn presentation: Pornsharing lesbian HD sex. I had no idea he got off on watching same sex babes, dykes of dirtiness and such. His most recent activity showed a particular video that carried a threesome, all blondes, and each one built with big breasts, stockings, and all of those feminine features that made them more lipstick lesbians than butch.

Not even five minutes into the footage I realized my cock was harder than it had ever been, straining against my boxer briefs and already saturating the material with pre-cum. I had never felt such a rush of excitement going through my testicles. The way the girls rubbed their hardened nipples together, the deep, passionate kisses where tongues slid deeply into their throats, and the painted fingernails that would scratch against their labia, opening those pink folds wide to expose swollen clits and moistness.

When they began giving each other oral sex, all three of them, licking, fingering and fondling each other, I had to masturbate even though I was nearly ready to cum without any self-stimulation.
Wrapping my fist around an erection, bulging like it had never done before, I realized what I’d been missing, the sensuality and sweetness of girl on ebony girl gooeyness, I found myself wanting to be in the center of their vixen vortex, watching them pleasure each other while they shared my body as well. In all of my sexual years I was never completely satisfied with one woman, now I knew I just need two or more. Check that lesbian HD sex at or at

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