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It’s not easy to seduce sexy girls. But, in my case, it all started with a slow tormenting but the romantic mood in the pub, and then she made me drive her home after a few drinks in the club. A couple of times, I had made a little touch on her sexy thighs from her short skirt, short enough that the naughty me often got as high as I would have loved to. For my entire life, I had never had any sex experience with ebony babe and thus I longed to get on her under, and specifically beyond her pants.

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I felt it coming all along and finally, after the ride home, there I was, in her bedroom looking at the beautiful teen girl concentrating less on what she was talking about and what she said she lives in her room. Everything I do before is watching Pornoficator sexy girls.

I sat on her bed and watched her for a minute. She started it all. She went to her mirror, stroked her hair, and loosened her dress. She turned around and let her dress fall like a pile, leaving her sexy rounded tits, slender body, nice hips and well-trimmed vagina showing all the signs of tightness all in my eyes. My dick thumped along with my heart and could not avoid standing up and rise to the occasion. Before I got to my feet, she pushed me back to make me fall on her soft bed. The aroma of her nice cologne from her beddings bounced along with me a sensual feel.

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She pulled my sweatshirt off, loosened my belt and reached for my thumping dick. It was hot and hard ready to get into what was coming; a tight cunt. She felt its whole size and exclaimed at its girth and length. Personally, I knew I was blessed and I always loved my 8-inch masterpiece, also nude girls loved to suck my penis.

She slipped my underpants to the floor and laid her cute body on me. She was light, young and very sexy girl. For a moment, my dick got on her cunt, but she could not let me slip it in her vagina; I missed to but it was not yet time, I knew it. She turned around and put her cunt close to my face as she bowed down on the other side on my big cock. I touched her pussy, stroked it and teased it with my fingers. It was fresh and tight. I licked and caressed her clit with my tongue for a moment and she could not avoid letting that groan that drives me mad. I got on her vagina in full gear and made her wet, leaving all dripping into my mouth.

Down there it was all hot. She put my big dick in her mouth, pumped it and stroked my balls. It felt so sweet and I could just feel it from my mouth and my penis too. She pumped it slowly and increased the tempo by and by leaving me all melting in ecstasy. I could not contain her pussy in my mouth any more. Personally, I felt it was the right time. Her ebony vagina has been ready for my grand entry and my cock was all ready for this.

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I lifted her up, put her on my favorite doggie style and let my big cock press on her tight, wet pussy. It was cool and juicy but no way through. I pushed a little and barely an inch went in. I knew it was a good occasion for me; a rare virgin at hand. I picked her piece of chiffon clothing and tied her arms on the bed. She loved it and she set her legs apart, a perfect position for merciless fucking. I got in between her legs in the doggie style, pressed my dick in her tight pussy and felt it slip in slowly. She started screaming in what I knew was a cocktail of pain and pleasure. It was so sweet, so tight and hot as I pushed my huge penis deep down inch by inch to the furthest and the hardest part that her cunt would allow. I pulled back and slipped it back again and again as I felt her vagina open up with resistance.

The feeling was awesome, but the sweetness of her virgin cunt would not let me control my pace. I got into it, pumping in and out as she screamed. She was blazing hot and so were her cunt and my dick too. In no time, my entire cock length was in her pussy all enjoying the sweetness of the black teen girl. It was all a new feeling and a new experience that was to last for a night. I rose to the occasion in full delight and excitement, wishing that my organism would knock at my penis after a 2-hour sexual ecstasy. Don’t forget, you can watch these sexy girls in HD quality online.